Design goals

BLOOM Berlin is a contemporary tattoo studio located in Berlin. At its core, it focuses on modern and unexpected designs. The goal was to design a visual communication that would be dynamic, fresh, playful yet tradition rooted.

Branding: logo, symbol, visual language. Prints: postcards, signs, stickers, merchandise. Website, Instagram, videos


BLOOMs logotype is a mix of stylized (ornamental) and slick fonts which gives a contemporary feel while still being easy to associate with a „tattoo studio design”. It gains friskiness thanks to cylinder- and sphere-shaped animations.


Base color for BLOOMs visual communication is warm and vivid red which contrasts nicely with its interiors focus color — „green screen” green. Animations contain bits of dazzling blue — a breath of brightness to the whole composition.

BLOOM shape

Bloom shape is a graphic interpretation of both the fragility and boldness of blooming flowers. It’s thought to be used on studios merchandise (postcards, stickers, candles) or as any kind of an emblem.